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The Intra Oral Camera at North Carlton Dental Group

In our ongoing mission to provide the highest standard of dental care, North Carlton Dental Group has incorporated the use of Intra Oral Cameras in our practice. This innovative technology helps us show you what we see during your examination, giving you a clearer understanding of your dental health.

  • Transparency: See exactly what your dentist sees during your examination.
  • Early Detection: Enhanced imagery helps in the early detection of dental issues.
  • Education: A picture is worth a thousand words—especially when it comes to understanding your dental health.

Our dental professionals use a pen-sized, camera-tipped wand to take high-resolution images inside your mouth. These images are instantly displayed on a screen, allowing for immediate review and consultation about your dental health and treatment options.

  • Better Understanding: Visual aids make it easier for you to understand the state of your dental health.
  • Immediate Visuals: Instant images mean more time for treatment discussion during your appointment.
  • Records Keeping: High-quality images can be stored in your dental records for long-term monitoring.
  • Q: Is the intra oral camera uncomfortable?
  • A: Not at all. The camera is small and the process is completely non-intrusive.
  • Q: Are intra oral cameras safe?
  • A: Absolutely. The Intra Oral Camera is just a camera; it emits no radiation and is completely safe.

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