Dr Betty Zacharias

Dr Betty North Carlton Dental Group

15 Years of Experience!

Dr Betty Zacharias is the principal dentist at North Carlton Dental Group. She brings over 15 years of experience in both public and private dentistry, including special interests in general and cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and endodontics.

With high attention to details and focus on providing quality customer service, Betty comes across as a friendly, caring , empathetic and a pleasant person be it with adults or kids.

Helping the patients to achieve higher standards of Oral hygiene is her goal.
She is abreast with the latest technology and trained to utilise innovative cosmetic tools and procedures for delivering faster and safer results. She is also a member of Australian Dental Association.

As a mother of two boys herself, Betty is well aware of the challenges of most kids’ dental problems instantly. She gels with kids so quickly, you will be amazed by the outcome.

Apart from being a dentist, Betty devotes time for her family comprising of husband and two boys, travelling and reading fiction.

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