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The iTero 3D Scanner at North Carlton Dental Group

At North Carlton Dental Group, we pride ourselves on integrating the most advanced dental technologies into our practice to offer you unparalleled comfort and precision in your dental care. One such state-of-the-art technology we employ is the iTero 3D Scanner.

  • Comfort: No more messy and uncomfortable molds. The iTero 3D Scanner ensures a comfortable and stress-free scanning experience.
  • Precision: Utilize the advantages of digital precision with high-quality 3D scans for more accurate diagnoses and treatments.
  • Efficiency: The scanner’s speed enables shorter appointments, letting you get back to your day quicker.

The iTero 3D Scanner is a handheld device that captures precise dental scans, creating a detailed 3D model of your mouth in real-time. This digital approach allows for immediate visualization and discussion of your dental health and treatment options.

  • Enhanced Patient Education: The real-time 3D model helps us guide you through your diagnosis and treatment options more effectively.
  • Optimal Fit: Precise digital impressions guarantee an optimal fit for crowns, bridges, and aligners.
  • Quick Turnaround: The digital scans can be sent immediately to dental labs, significantly expediting your treatment process.
  • Q: Is the iTero 3D Scanner safe?
  • A: Absolutely. The scanner uses a safe, non-intrusive light and does not emit radiation.
  • Q: How long does an iTero 3D scan take?
  • A: A complete mouth scan can typically be finished in just a few minutes.

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