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Sleep Dentistry

Say Good Bye To Dental Phobia.
We can help by offering you sleep dentistry.

What Is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep Dentistry, uses medications to put you to sleep which allows our doctors to perform your dental procedure, making your treatment stress free.

In most cases, an IV line or drip is placed, and the anaesthetic needed to sedate you is passed through your body.

We have professional dentists and physicians who had specialised training in the technique and are working in or for a Mobile Sedation entity that is registered with the Victorian Ministry of Health. 


Your Sedation Dentist

Dr Field has two years full-time training in medical anaesthesia and as such is also trained in general anaesthesia, although he does not practice in-office general anaesthesia in Australia.

He is board certified in Dental Anaesthesia in North America, holding both a Diploma from the National Dental Board of Anaesthesia and a Fellowship in Dental Anaesthesia from the American Dental Society Anaesthesia. At present, he is the only dentist sedation provider with this qualification in Australia.


Why North Carlton Dental Group?

At North Carlton Dental Group, while you are under anaesthetic, we ensure that the utmost respect, courtesy and highest standard of service will be provided.

We endeavour to bring you the very best in:

  • Experienced & Friendly Team
  • Affordable Pricing & Payment Plans
  • Flexible Appointments
  • Convenient Location

Appointments Available on Saturdays

Is Dental Anxiety Troubling You?

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