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Sleep and Sedation Dentistry

The term Sleep dentistry in Australia refers to the provision of intravenous sedation and in some cases oral sedation.

These medications place you in a sedated state where you can have the dental treatment performed without you being aware. From your point of view, you fall off to sleep and wake up when the work is completed.

In most cases, an IV line or drip is placed, and the drugs needed to sedate you, go through this line.

Sedation can only be provided by dentists or physicians who have had appropriate training in the technique and are working in or for a Mobile Sedation entity that is registered with the Victorian Ministry of Health.

Dr Field has two years full-time training in medical anaesthesia and as such is also trained in general anaesthesia, although he does not practice in-office general anaesthesia in Australia. He is board certified in Dental Anaesthesia in North America, holding both a Diploma from the National Dental Board of Anaesthesia and a Fellowship in Dental Anaesthesia from the American Dental Society Anaesthesia. At present, he is the only dentist sedation provider with this qualification in Australia.

If you are nervous about dentistry or have a phobia, then he would love to talk to you out how in office sedation can allow you to have the treatment you need without fear anxiety.

From your point of view. there is not much difference. In each case. Your perception is that go to sleep and when you awaken the work is complete. With a general anaesthetic, a machine breathes for you, unlike sedation you breathe on your own and is therefore safer.

The other significant difference is NO general anaesthetic gases, or neuromuscular blockers are used with sedation. General anaesthetic gases and neuromuscular blockers are the primary culprits in postoperative nausea and vomiting after general anaesthesia. One of the major sedation drugs (propofol) is, in fact, a potent anti-nauseant. So the incidence of post-op nausea with sedation is rare indeed.

Unlike general anaesthetic procedures, which in Australia can only be performed in hospitals and require you to be at the hospital hours before the procedure and stay for hours after, sedation allows you to arrive 15 minutes before and be discharged within 30-45 minutes after the procedure.

The surgery itself is conducted in the office to the sterility standards as the operating room. That is the surgical team scrub before each procedure, wear operating room caps, gowns and sterile gloves. You are draped/entirely covered with a sterile drape and instruments are set up on sterile draped surgical table.

Sedation allows nervous or phobic patients to have dental surgical procedures performed in a non-threatening safe environment.

Surgical Procedures Provided at North Carlton Dental Group by Asleep Dental

I) Removal of teeth including wisdom teeth and root tips.

2) Bone grafting.

  •  For implant procedures including sinus grafting
  • For periodontal procedures including rebuilding bone lost to periodontal disease

3) Periodontal Surgery.

  • Treatment of periodontal pockets,
  • Treatment and regeneration of receding gums.

4) Sinus Surgery.

  • Removal of cysts.
  • Bone grafting for implant placement
  • Closure of openings in the sinus

5) Dental Implant placement


Yes. You will have dissolvable stitches, as this will speed the up the healing process.

The recommended age is between 14-16 old. The reason is that because the wisdom teeth do not their roots at that age which lessen all the risks associated with their removal.

In most cases, from four to seven days.

You will be on non-prescription pain medication (Nurofen and Panadol) for most part. We also supply a prescription for an antibiotic and stronger pain medication to over the first 24-48 hours.

You Can be sedated which from your point of view will feel like being asleep. For most oral surgical procedures we recommend sedation or your comfort.

We use the same four monitors that are used in an operating room. So even though your sedation happens in the dental office setting, there is no change in the quality of care or level of safety.

Most procedures will be completed within two hours, but slightly longer procedures can be considered on an individual basis.

No, Victorian Law dictates that you must be taken home by a competent adult and you must not be left alone for 24 hours after your procedure.

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