Dr Jeff Field

Dr Jeff Field North Carlton Dental Group

Sedationist and Dental Surgeon

Dr Jeff is a visiting seditionist and oral surgeon from Asleep Dental who provides Wisdom teeth removal and Implant services at North Carlton Dental Group.

Dr. Jeff has completed 11 years of postgraduate training, to be able to offer you the highest standard of care.

His training includes:

  • Honors Bachelor of Science in both Physiology and Pharmacology in from the University of Western Ontario in Canada in 1984
  • Doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry in 1988
  • Surgical and initial anesthesia training was through the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Dentistry Hospital Internship Program at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg Manitoba in 1990
  • His formal specialty anesthesia training was through the North Eastern Ontario Medical Education Program which was further sanctioned through the American Dental Society of Anesthesia from 1998-2000
  • In 2000, he successfully passed the Fellowship examination in Dental Anesthesia and was awarded the American Dental Society of Anaesthesia(ADSA) Fellowship in Dental Anaesthesia
  • In 2002 the National Dental Board of Anesthesia was inaugurated, and Dr. Field was awarded Diplomat Status from the National Dental Board of Anesthesia

Dr Jeff is a member of the following dental associations:

American Dental Society of Anesthesia
Australian Society for Dental Anaesthesia
Australian Association of Laser Dentistry
Academy of Osseointegration

Outside Dentistry

Outside of dentistry, Dr Jeff enjoys woodworking and playing golf. He joined the Portland Volunteer Coast Guard Flotilla VF 17 in 2014. He is now training Coast Guard members in Basic Life Support, Level 2 First Aid, and advanced oxygen therapy in both Portland and Warrnambool.

He looks forward to meeting you.

If you are nervous about dentistry or have a phobia, then he would love to talk to you about how in office sedation can allow you to have the treatment you need without fear or anxiety.

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